The Bioenergy Code Review (2020): Can You Manifest Miracles With It?

The Bioenergy Code featured

(Note: No, I Don’t Become Millionaire Or Manifest Thousands Of Dollar With It. I Do Experience Some Positive Changes In My Life that I will discuss in this The Bioenergy Code review.)

Manifestation is a very hot topic these days, as many people are talking about it.

Some people are posting their success by manifesting their dream goal while others are struggling to get any success with it.

When I came across this topic, I was very skeptical about it. However, many of my friends and relatives start talking about positive changes they are feeling with manifestation.

One program they are talking very highly about was The Bioenergy Code by Angela Carter. I was seriously intrigued when I read its sales page.

Just 30 minutes a day? Well, I can fit that into my life. I decided to jump into this to see what it is all about.

In this The Bioenergy Code review, I will tell you all the facts about this program, including what I like, what I don’t like, and my personal experience of using this program.

What Is The Bioenergy Code Program All About?

Bioenergy Code Program

This is the manifestation program by Angela Carter. It is a program that contains brainwave audio tracks.

People are using these audio tracks to remove negative thoughts and limiting beliefs from their mind. Some people are also able to manifest their goals quickly by using these tracks.

These tracks work very well because they contain sound waves, which combine powerful visualizations and guided meditations. There’s also neurological brainwave programming in them.

Neurological brainwave programming?

Although it sounds scary, including this technique makes sense.

This technique works on the subconscious mind that generates 95% of our thoughts, and most of these are negative thoughts.

These audio tracks of The Bioenergy Code work on balancing the 7 ‘Chakras’ or Bioenergy Centers of the body. The balance of these bioenergy centers is the key to high vibration in the body.

If you always wanted to live a peaceful and stress-free life, then this program is your solution.

You can use this program to change your bad habits and limiting beliefs into positive ones. Once you can achieve that, you will see how quickly you start manifesting your dream life.

Who Can Expect Benefits From It?

After reading The Bioenergy Code review from different people, I found this program can help those people who:

  • Have sleeping problems
  • Want an easy way to release stress and anxiety
  • Often found themselves struggling with life worries, ‘what-ifs,’ and all useless crap thoughts.
  • Want to calm themselves without any pricey gadgets or medications
  • Want to develop a positive mindset
  • Are seriously lacking in confidence
  • Want to manifest money, wealth, and happiness in their lives.

In short, this program can work for anyone. However, only those who will not benefit are those who use this program with a closed mind.

Numerous people have posted their success stories, but some people don’t agree with the simple fact: they can manifest something tangible in their lives by attraction and a strong belief.

If you don’t believe in the power of manifestation, then Angela’s The Bioenergy Code is probably not for you.

Why Did I Decide To Join This Program?

Bioenergy Code Benefits

My mom had a sleeping problem. Every day she was waking up in the middle of the night and getting useless thoughts that benefit no one. When I found a positive The Bioenergy Code review from my online friend, I told her about this program.

She immediately decided to try it as she was so tired and want a quality night’s sleep.

When she listened to these tracks, she found them calming. After that, she started listening to it at 3 A.M. She had racing thoughts, and one of them was, “These tracks will not work,” but she let these thoughts go and slowly these thoughts go away.

She has listened to it every night for a week now and it worked for her 9 out of 10 times. She is pretty happy with these audio tracks.

I feel the only reason these audio tracks worked for her because she listened to these tracks with an open mind and let her negative thoughts go away.

It is very important to use these audio tracks with an open mind. You may get thoughts like “these tracks will not work,” but you don’t have to stop.

After seeing my mom’s satisfaction with these audio tracks, I decided to test it myself. Keep reading this The Bioenergy Code review as I will reveal my experience with these tracks as well.

Who Is Angela Carter?

Before creating my The Bioenergy Code review, I did some research on the author of this program.

Honestly speaking, it was difficult to search about her background because there was another lady with the same name.

Many people believe Angela Carter is not the real name of the author. This is a pen name, as many authors are using to hide their identity.

This is highly possible as Angela talks about her husband, her divorce, and jealousy. Maybe, for this reason, she decided to stay out of the limelight.

Anyways, many people are getting results from these bioenergy audio tracks, and that is what matters most to me.

Angela combined guided meditation with powerful visualizations into the audio tracks and put them into a course called The Bioenergy Code.

What’s In Angela Carter’s The Bioenergy Code?

The Bioenergy Code Bonuses

This program contains seven different audio tracks. You have to listen to them every day for seven days in the right sequence to make them work for you.

These audio tracks are 30-mins long, and you have to listen to a new track every day for seven conservative days.

For maximum results, I recommend you to use these audio tracks for 21 days.

The tracks are:

  • Track #1 – Welcome The Energy
  • Track #2 – Foundation Energy
  • Track #3 – Relational Energy
  • Track #4 – Personal Power
  • Track #5 – Heart Energy
  • Track #6 – Expression Energy
  • Track #7 – Intuition Energy
  • Track #8 – Oneness Energy
  • Track #9 – Power Extension Energy

Along with these audio tracks, you will also get some bonuses that are:

  • Bioenergy Code Manual
  • 5-Minute Bioenergy Healing
  • Bioenergy Code Decoded
  • The Heart Energy Activator

Let me give you a quick breakdown of these nine audio tracks in my The Bioenergy Code review:

Track #1 – Welcome The Energy: This audio track uses the combination of ‘God Frequency’ and ‘432 Hz Frequency’ to put your mind into a relaxed and meditative state. These frequencies are scientifically proven to align your bioenergy centers or 7 ‘chakras’ points in the body.

Track #2 – Foundational Energy: This audio track will use the combination of visualizations and affirmations to give you a strong sense of security and sense in your life. This audio track will activate Bioenergy Switch, which is important to thrive in life.

Track #3 – Relational Energy: This audio track works on the emotional areas of your life. With the help of affirmations and visualizations, this audio track will developer a deeper love for yourself and a deeper love for other important persons in your life.

Track #4 – Personal Power Energy: This track works on the Solar Plexus Chakra, the main source of your power and confidence. This track will remove limiting blocks that hold you from reaching your full potential.

Track #5 – Heart Energy: This track work on the love area of your body. If you felt disappointments, rejections, or unmet expectations, then this audio track will replace them with radiant love within you.

Track #6 – Expression Energy: This audio track will remove other’s expectations from your body. How many times do you worry about what others will think about you? This audio track works on it and will remove this blockage.

Track #7 – Intuition Energy: This audio track works on removing the self-doubt that holds you from making the right decision and replaces it with confidence in your ability so that you can see things with more clarity in your life.

Track #8 – Oneness Energy: This audio track uses the power of ancient teaching and the latest energy research to help you discover the divine energy around you and within you.

Track #9 – Power Extension: This track will bring you to a conscious life with peace and love. Your all bioenergy centers are clear, and this time your creative mind will be working, and the manifesting process will be easy.

What Are The Bioenergy Code Bonuses?

Angela offers many bonuses FOR FREE in this course to make it a comprehensive manifestation program worth more than what you are truly paying for. These awesome bonuses will retrain your mind and help you to complete your meditation journey.

There is no doubt you will be getting a great value for your purchase. Shown below are the bonuses you will get in this program:

BioEnergy Code Manual

BioEnergy Code Manual – This is the 154 pages eBook that talks about 7 Chakras and how bioenergy inside them get blocked. Understanding these chakras will provide you clarity about why you have to remove this blockage as soon as possible.

5-Minute BioEnergy Healing

5-Minute BioEnergy Healing – This audio track created for those people who are feeling hopeless about their life. This audio track is short, and to-the-point. It retrains your mind and removes all negativity from it.

The Heart Energy Activator

The Heart Energy Activator – This is the most important bonus of all because it targets the blockage in one of the most important parts of the body, “HEART.” This heart blockage happens due to FEAR. This audio track uses the powerful combo of the ‘GOD’ frequency and 432 Hz frequency to clear fear from the heart.

BioEnergy Code Decoded

BioEnergy Code Decoded – This eBook gives out a ‘Cheat Sheet’ on how to align your bioenergy centers with the seven chakra points in your body. This will increase your vibration, and you able to manifest all the good things that you want in your life.

My Personal Experience With Bioenergy Code

Abundant Life

As promised at the beginning of this Bioenergy Code review, here is my experience with this program.

So, does The BioEnergy Code work for me?

When I bought the program, I started reading the BioEnergy manual, and I got clear instructions about the link between Bioenergy centers and chakras points in the human body. The book was to-the-point and it doesn’t overwhelm me with the content fillers. I immediately learn I have to start with the first track.

I quickly get into the rhythm of the program and found this is the new experience for me.

I found this program is not much difficult to follow. All I need to do is just listen to the audio tracks and relax.

There are seven audio tracks for 21 days and they designed to:

  • Unblock your chakra points
  • Help you reveal desires and reliefs
  • Give you energy and clarity so that you can see opportunities in your life.

After a week, I started noticing positive changes in my life and I got a good clarity of my goals and desires.

meditation journeyAfter I completed the seventh track, I know what I want to become in the future. It’s like I got control on the events happening around me.

I start getting new opportunities and new career options start happening in front of me.

At this time, I got a few high-paying website designing projects.

Let’s summarize it…

The Bioenergy Code isn’t magic, and it didn’t work like that for me. I didn’t manifest $1 million dollars, a new Ferrari, or a super-luxurious house.

Well, I didn’t expect that to happen as well.

I believe manifestation is more like a self-development tool that you can use to live a better life.

The final verdict of my The Bioenergy Code review is, my experience with this program is a positive one. It removed my limiting beliefs. I have more energy, more confidence, and more clarity towards my goals. I feel these are the things that require to live a positive and fulfilling life.