What Are The Bioenergy Code Bonuses?

Angela offers many bonuses FOR FREE in this course to make it a comprehensive manifestation program worth more than what you are truly paying for. These awesome bonuses will retrain your mind and help you to complete your meditation journey.

There is no doubt you will be getting a great value for your purchase. Shown below are the bonuses you will get in this program:

BioEnergy Code Manual

BioEnergy Code Manual – This is the 154 pages eBook that talks about 7 Chakras and how bioenergy inside them get blocked. Understanding these chakras will provide you clarity about why you have to remove this blockage as soon as possible.

5-Minute BioEnergy Healing

5-Minute BioEnergy Healing – This audio track created for those people who are feeling hopeless about their life. This audio track is short, and to-the-point. It retrains your mind and removes all negativity from it.

The Heart Energy Activator

The Heart Energy Activator – This is the most important bonus of all because it targets the blockage in one of the most important parts of the body, “HEART.” This heart blockage happens due to FEAR. This audio track uses the powerful combo of the ‘GOD’ frequency and 432 Hz frequency to clear fear from the heart.

BioEnergy Code Decoded

BioEnergy Code Decoded – This eBook gives out a ‘Cheat Sheet’ on how to align your bioenergy centers with the seven chakra points in your body. This will increase your vibration, and you able to manifest all the good things that you want in your life.

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