What’s In Angela Carter’s The Bioenergy Code?

The Bioenergy Code Bonuses

This program contains seven different audio tracks. You have to listen to them every day for seven days in the right sequence to make them work for you.

These audio tracks are 30-mins long, and you have to listen to a new track every day for seven conservative days.

For maximum results, I recommend you to use these audio tracks for 21 days.

The tracks are:

  • Track #1 – Welcome The Energy
  • Track #2 – Foundation Energy
  • Track #3 – Relational Energy
  • Track #4 – Personal Power
  • Track #5 – Heart Energy
  • Track #6 – Expression Energy
  • Track #7 – Intuition Energy
  • Track #8 – Oneness Energy
  • Track #9 – Power Extension Energy

Along with these audio tracks, you will also get some bonuses that are:

  • Bioenergy Code Manual
  • 5-Minute Bioenergy Healing
  • Bioenergy Code Decoded
  • The Heart Energy Activator

Let me give you a quick breakdown of these nine audio tracks in my The Bioenergy Code review:

Track #1 – Welcome The Energy: This audio track uses the combination of ‘God Frequency’ and ‘432 Hz Frequency’ to put your mind into a relaxed and meditative state. These frequencies are scientifically proven to align your bioenergy centers or 7 ‘chakras’ points in the body.

Track #2 – Foundational Energy: This audio track will use the combination of visualizations and affirmations to give you a strong sense of security and sense in your life. This audio track will activate Bioenergy Switch, which is important to thrive in life.

Track #3 – Relational Energy: This audio track works on the emotional areas of your life. With the help of affirmations and visualizations, this audio track will developer a deeper love for yourself and a deeper love for other important persons in your life.

Track #4 – Personal Power Energy: This track works on the Solar Plexus Chakra, the main source of your power and confidence. This track will remove limiting blocks that hold you from reaching your full potential.

Track #5 – Heart Energy: This track work on the love area of your body. If you felt disappointments, rejections, or unmet expectations, then this audio track will replace them with radiant love within you.

Track #6 – Expression Energy: This audio track will remove other’s expectations from your body. How many times do you worry about what others will think about you? This audio track works on it and will remove this blockage.

Track #7 – Intuition Energy: This audio track works on removing the self-doubt that holds you from making the right decision and replaces it with confidence in your ability so that you can see things with more clarity in your life.

Track #8 – Oneness Energy: This audio track uses the power of ancient teaching and the latest energy research to help you discover the divine energy around you and within you.

Track #9 – Power Extension: This track will bring you to a conscious life with peace and love. Your all bioenergy centers are clear, and this time your creative mind will be working, and the manifesting process will be easy.

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